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What is the Sierra System™?

The Sierra System uses techniques, methods and tools unfamiliar to the cleaning industry. Sierra’s unique approach to cleaning is based on the company’s development of proprietary strategies through the application of general lean manufacturing theory, the Toyota Production System and Six Sigma. The result is highly efficient, productive and quality-oriented cleaning programs that energize the triple bottom line. 


What are the Sierra System’s benefits?

The Sierra System improves consistency, quality and efficiency. Sierra’s methodology is used to reduce carbon footprint, improve wages and working conditions as well as employee morale. Our clients enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that cleaning and maintenance staff are working in a more collaborative and professional manner while engaging in an approach more in line with today’s lean initiatives. 

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How does the Sierra System™ work?

The Sierra System creates highly efficient and productive cleaning plans, removing much of the process waste and inefficiencies found in the traditional approaches to cleaning. To accomplish this Sierra developed a 5-Phase design and implementation strategy to ensure a standardized, quality oriented system that reflects the values of all stakeholders involved. The resulting “engineered” process is much more stable, consistent, predictable, and roduces higher levels of quality and more consistent, measureable cleaning standards.